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What is the coretalentsanalysis?

The coretalents method is an assessment. But different. The coretalentsanalysis is an HR instrument that can handle the complexity of people and is a positive approach to your personality. It shows your personal combination of 23 coretalents. There are 94 billion possible combinations. As a human being you are unique and cannot be summarized in a ‘type’ or in a box and this is honoured by the coretalentsanalysis.

Both your strengths and your deficits are mapped out with the aim that you can make positive and conscious choices.

Both your strengths and your deficits are mapped out with the aim that you can make positive and conscious choices.

Examples of questions if you want to have a coretalentsanalysis done:

“Is there anything else I can do besides what I’m doing now?”

“Is a PhD something for me?”

“Am I capable as a self-employed person?”

“I don’t get energy from my work anymore. Why is that?”

“I’m bored at work. What can I do?”

“Does the study, which I want to do, suit me?”

“I don’t know what to study at all. Now what?”

What are coretalents?

There are 23 coretalents, including 3 dimensions of creativity, 3 around organizational talent, 3 around taking initiative, 6 around emotional talents on an individual level and on a group level, 2 around rationality, 3 around commerciality, 3 around putting yourself in the spotlight, etc.

All your coretalents together reflect your ‘nature’, your ‘potential’ and your ‘intrinsic motivation’. They form the blueprint of your personality with all your strengths and weaknesses, still under the layer of classical talents, aptitudes, competencies and skills.

Your nature is your ‘being’, ‘`who you are’, your character. It is your personality traits. Your potential is ‘to will be able’, your classical talent, what you will be able to do well, provided you have the necessary physical and intellectual capacities and the right training and sufficient practice. Your intrinsic motivation is your ‘want’, your need, what you like and really enjoy doing.

Together the coretalents form your set of strong and less strong qualities and determine the possibilities you have at your disposal. On the foundation of your coretalents, classic talents and competences can be further developed. Coretalents therefore do not yet indicate whether you have already acquired a skill or competence, so whether you can do something already now.

External factors such as life events, culture, upbringing, intelligence, gender, etc. influence the development of your coretalents.

Each of the 23 coretalents can be present as strong, half or small. The strong coretalents are the source of your positive forces and give you energy. Ideally, you should find 80-85% of your strong coretalents in your job in order to (continue to) enjoy working and to avoid losing energy.

What is the knowledge of your coretalents useful for?

You need a good insight into your personality with all your strengths and weaknesses when you have to make an important choice in your life, such as choosing your subjects at school, a study or training, or when you have to make a decision about a profession or job.

If you know your strong and small coretalents, you can prevent energy loss. There are two serious forms of energy loss. If less than 70% of your strong coretalents are being used in your job, there is a chance of bore-out. In bore-out, you feel a want and you lose energy through boredom.

The second serious form of energy loss is burnout. The corealtents you have to a lesser degree are your small coretalents. These indicate your limits. Small coretalents do not mean that you cannot do something. But you do need more energy and practice to develop small coretalents than someone else of equal intelligence who does have a strong coretalent for it. If you have to use many of your small coretalents over a long period of time, it will cost you a lot of energy and you run the risk of burn-out.

How does the coretalentsanalysis work?

With this method, you don’t have to do anything complicated. The coretalentsanalyst does the work. You only fill out a questionnaire. It is a special questionnaire. In the questionnaire you tick what your favourite toys were and what games you liked best in your childhood (before puberty between 4 and 12 years). What you really liked to do then says everything about your coretalents.

People experience filling out the questionnaire as very pleasant because you are asked to remember the fun things. The coretalentsanalysis has an inspiring effect and it releases a lot of positive energy that leads to positive action.

In-depth interview

After completing the coretalents questionnaire, an in-depth interview is optional. In this interview your personal life course and life events that have played a role in your forming, growth and development are mapped out. Your course of life may have had an influence on the development of your coretalents.


Anna Geburtig, MA is a certified coach and counsellor, experienced in online coaching, career professional and since 2014 CoreTalentsanalyst at Stichting Galileo. She has attended many Masterclasses, Refine the Professionals and deepening days. Because of her broad interests, studies and functions in (academic) education she has a lot of experience and knowledge and looks at people and their questions from different perspectives. She is involved in the IHBV (Institute for gifted adults), gives workshops and publishes.


” A trusted friend recommended Core Talents post a turbulent period of my life. I found it extremely helpful in creating a functional blueprint of my talents (developed or in need of development), understanding myself and my patterns better. The report definitely gave me guidance for future endeavours and will help me in knowing the activities that thrill or drain me. In the in depth interview, Anna’s questions were to the point and personalized which was reflected in the final report. Her interview style was kind, diligent and showed a lot of experience. The questions and survey were light and insightful. The report was delivered in English and had a lot of personalized advice that will be taken seriously. The discussion after the report was also insightful as all my questions were addressed and increased the value of the report.

As a firm believer of knowing thyself, I highly recommend the Coretalents analysis as a lifetime supporting tool and a worthwhile investment.” 2021

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